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How to Select Right Light for Every Room – Ultimate Guide

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After designing, making the lighting plan of a house is the most exciting part every family member enjoys taking part in. Generally, a heavy budget is invested in the overall lighting of the house, but everyone does not get the desired illumination. This is because homeowners mistakenly select inappropriate lights and waste their money. If you are also about to finalize the lighting of your house, make sure to get everything about the types of lighting and find out the best possible way to style each room. So, without any delay, let's dig in!

Types of Lighting 

Everyone knows that light brightens up your space, but a few people are aware of the trick of using lights according to their functions. There are different types of lighting that you can add to home décor and make your house the best place to live in.  

Here you can find three basic types of lighting: 

  • Ambient 

Ambient lighting is one of the most basic layers of lighting plan in any room that gives the room a comfortable feel with its uniform light. You get a good view of the room to move or find anything without staggering anywhere. 

You can add ceiling light fixtures, chandeliers, pendants, mini pendants, wall lights, or different lamps in the ambient light setup. In fact, flush mount or semi-flush mount ceiling fixtures brighten up your space and help easy navigation in spacious rooms. 

  • Accent 

Accent light sparks your space with dramatic effect. It is all about adding a spotlight to decorative details and making the room even more enjoyable. These types of lighting draw everyone's attention to something very close to your heart and make it stand out. It could be an architectural feature, a wall painting, sculpture, bookshelf, or a mantel. 

Countless accent light sources give a more comprehensive range of choices, including a wall light, wall sconces, recessed lighting, track lighting, wall lamps, chandeliers, and many more exciting lights. 

  • Task 

Task light is intended to help you accomplish – you guessed it right – a task that could be in the kitchen or on your working bench. Don’t expect a well-lit room with task lights because they are more focused on your particular activity.  

You can freely adjust the direction of light depending on the light source and use it in the best possible way. Above all, task lights are not harsh to strain your eyes, and you can reduce glare to avoid any inconvenience. Desk lamps, work lamps, torchiere lamps, and other task lighting prove the best partners in your studying, working, cooking, or crafting chores. 

How to Select the Right Light for Every Room? 

After getting about different types of lighting, you must constantly be thinking about your rooms and their functionality for an ideally bright house. So, let’s illuminate your house, covering all the rooms individually but before doing that, just recall how you practically use a room to select the right lights for all spaces. 


Bedroom lighting should be diverse as it is the place where you have multiple moods. After a long hectic day, you want a calm and relaxing environment that you can only get with proper lights. Thus keep every aspect in mind and start with ambient lighting to create an overall impression of your room. Ideally, bedrooms have a primary overhead light source but make sure to correctly position it with the ceiling fans. Next, place table lamps for low light and desk lamps for reading a book or having a thoughtful time with you. Nightstands and dressers with mini lamps give a unique feel.  

Similarly, you can install ceiling fixtures or wall scones for watching your favorite show in dim light. 

Living Room

The living room is the particular corner of the house because you spend quality time with your family and friends, so you cannot afford a dull space. In addition to ambient lighting, there is more use of accent light in the living room to glamorize your nook. 


Track lighting makes wall paintings, gallery walls, glass vases, and other decoration elements prominent. Similarly, wall scones, ceiling fixtures, and wall lights are a great way to showcase your heirloom antiques. 

When it comes to complete lighting of the living room, you cannot forget a central pendant light or chandelier as they show your taste in home décor. These decorative lights could be above the seating area, and consider adding floor lamps or table lamps for a personal touch.  

Dining Room 

The dining room is the most uncomplicated room to light and bring special flavor for having mealtime. Chandeliers are the best options to hang over the dining room table. If you already have a chandelier and are looking for a makeover, mini pendants are the best alternatives. They are aesthetically pleasing and make the space welcoming. At the same time, island or mini pendants look outstanding in the dining room. 

Try placing table stand lamp in a darker corner of your spacious dining room for additional glare. If your dining room still gives a darker look, you must consider recessed lighting for a more defined and nice look.  


Kitchen lighting is a bit complex, but the fun part is the overall lighting scheme of the house. There are multiple sections of the kitchen, and you have to consider them all to maintain visual appeal without running functionality. Go step-wise and see what type of light is needed in a particular area. For instance, cutting or chopping corners need more light, so it would be great to install task lights. It does not only increase your productivity but also prevents cutting injuries. Go for recessed lighting for overall kitchen lighting and think about low or high hanging pendants depending on ceiling height. Remember, low-hanging chandeliers or pendants do well in areas with no seating. 

When talking about kitchen lighting, you cannot forget under cabinet lighting. These lights make the kitchen countertops well illuminated without adding too much light or too bright light. 


Modern bathrooms have modern lighting. Lights can help you create glamorous and ultra-modern bathrooms that look super cool. Vanity lighting above bathroom mirrors reflects light and illuminates the space with little effort. At the same time, scones provide cross illumination and supplement light for shaving, applying make-up, and doing face treatments. 

You can also get the benefit of recessed lighting in the bathroom or low-hanging pendants above the sink for exceptionally bright space. 

So, after getting this all, you must be clear to make a final plan for appropriate lighting of your house. 

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