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What Is Japandi Home Style And Why Is It So Popular?

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If you see their positioning on the map, Japan and Scandinavia look polls apart. There shouldn't be any similarities between their living traditions and sense of interior design in an ideal world. However, the reality shows otherwise.

Separated by 8000 Km distance, both cultures find commonalities in their sense of interior design thanks to their belief in simplicity, comfort, and serenity. This has resulted in a unique approach to the decor, combining their similarities and contrasts to make a perfect mix named Japandi.

The style has taken the modern world by storm and grabbed the attention of every interior enthusiast in the world. Let’s learn all about it!

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What is Japandi Home Style?

Japandi is an interior style formed by blending Japanese aesthetics with Scandinavian style to create an interior emphasizing minimalistic living, tranquility, and unique textures. The design carries the grace and elegance of the east with the sleek functionality of the west.

For those who like order in a living place, Japandi is the way to go!

Philosophy behind Japandi

To understand what makes Japandi special, you should understand the philosophy behind the design style. Japandi is based on the ancient Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, which focuses on finding beauty in imperfections, along with the Scandinavian concept of hygge, which aims at comfort, coziness, and peace in minimalistic home styles.

Together, these philosophies present a solution that embodies peace by adding natural colors, broad spaces, cleanliness, natural materials, and artful handicrafts.


Why is it so popular?

According to Pinterest, research on Japandi has risen by 100% in the last two years, and people are thinking of Japandi as their perfect interior choice. Here are our top reasons for the success of Japandi as an interior design style:

  • Japandi uses a soothing color palette, giving a sense of peace and tranquility.
  • It respects natural colors. The handicrafts are given central importance to make you feel connected with nature.
  • It removes clutter from your space. According to ancient Japanese traditions, there is no room for being messy, and instead, it appreciates the void and emptiness.
  • It offers a variety of contrasting colors. In Japandi, you can use a strong base of white and black color along with an occasional topping of green and wooden colors. This overall interior looks like a garden full of flavors.
  • The wall lights are aesthetically pleasing.
  • Japandi emphasizes maintaining a unique feature flow throughout your space. The space of sightlines and physical movements are very particular.


Japandi is an interior style for the present and future. The unique amalgamation of Scandinavian and Japanese elements has a lot to offer for interior design enthusiasts!

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