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Who We are and what We do?

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About Natureblisss and how our story stareted.

Hi! Welcome to NatureBlisss. Thank you for supporting our little business. Since you’re here, allow us to share our story. ☺️

I’m Sofia, and I am a confessed lover of the arts. I also love traveling as it has opened my mind and soul to diverse cultures throughout the globe. I’ve seen wonders from each place I visited, from Hawaii to Berlin and Indonesia. However, there’s one particular country whose people, art, and culture greatly impacted me— Japan. 🏔

I fell in love with Japanese culture. I am amazed by the aesthetic of their lives and how beautiful they make things. To me, Japanese people found the perfect way to meld together elegance, simplicity, and respect for materials used whenever they create something with their hands. Moreover, whenever they make something, it seems it’s usually not for commercial purposes but to honor some higher being. It’s fascinating. ❤️

I also love unique minimalist and cute pieces for the home. Anything that makes my environment cozy and tasteful and I can keep for a long time or something that will be an excellent present for my beloved ones. Maybe others might be into the same thing, so I decided to share my taste and unique products our team create for you.

Nature Bliss is a place for me to release my creative juices. The things you see being offered in my shop are a reflection of my personality. I curated the items in this shop which is why you’ll see that despite seeing a variety of things, they all have something in common, something that connects them.

I've partnered with several family-run small business owners from Indonesia, China, Hawaii, Vietnam and Berlin who help me bring my ideas to life because I don't always have the resources or the right space to create what I want. I love supporting the efforts of these companies because they care about the environment and their products are durable.
What I create is called Japandi style. Japandi is an interior style formed by blending Japanese aesthetics with Scandinavian style to create an interior emphasizing minimalistic living, tranquility, and unique textures. The design carries the grace and elegance of the east with the sleek functionality of the west.

For those who like order in a living place, Japandi is the way to go!

I also put in a considerable effort to ensure that your shopping experience with Nature Blisss is as fun, comfortable, and seamless as possible. We want you to enjoy browsing through our products and picking the best item for you. ☺️

Whether you’re looking for yourself or as a gift to someone special, we have it all here at Nature Blisss. So check out what we have in store for you, and if you have questions about it, please send us a message—looking forward to hearing from you! Cheers! 🌺

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